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Nourish your mind and body while building strength and power.

Back to Basics - Level 1 (1 hour)

Open to all levels. Start out at the very beginning and learn basic alignment in the poses! Build strength and stability to create a strong foundation for a consistent and safe yoga practice, and learn to gently stretch and open the body and mind. Even if you are a more advanced practitioner, come back to basics whenever you need a refresher. Classes are for ages 16+ only.

Open Flow Yoga (60-70 mins)

This class is for students with some prior yoga experience.  Options are given for modifications for more and less seasoned practitioners. Includes warmup, deep stretching, and flow.

Open Flow Yoga - Level 2 (75 mins)

This class is considered an intermediate level. This flowing vinyasa class is a challenging and energetic experience that utilizes fun and innovative sequencing with breath awareness as a way of cultivating and maintaining mental focus. Classes are for ages 16+ only.

Yoga Bootcamp (1 hour)

This class is a fusion of strenuous Yoga and muscle sculpting designed to make you sweat. A mat-based workout incorporates stretch and flow, core work and total body exercises designed to enhance flexibility, muscular endurance and strength. The dynamic movement and challenging pace uses body weight and light free weights resulting in an overall body burn. It will aid with improved mobility, developing long and lean muscles and allow you to go low-impact without compromising on intensity. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, Yoga Boot Camp will challenge you and change your body. Classes are for ages 16+ only.

Roll It Out

Myofascial release with Yoga Tune Up therapy balls (1 hour long).

What is fascia? And how can it affect your body?
Simply put, fascia is the body’s connective tissue. It is body suit of sorts, an all-encompassing interwoven system of fibrous connective tissue found throughout the body. Your fascia provides a tensile framework that helps support and protect each individual muscle group, organ, and the entire body as a unit. Fascia also plays an important supportive role to our musculoskeletal system by enabling us to perform functional activities like walking, jumping, reaching etc.

Fascia also facilitates the flow of your circulatory system. Veins and arteries run through the fascia, and if the fascia is tight or adhered, it causes restriction – like a kink in a garden hose. This leads to poor blood flow, which means less oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to your cells. Less Oxygen means you’re body is less efficient, which means you deplete your energy reserves much more quickly!

In this class we will use the Yoga Tune Up therapy ball method (self massage w/ therapy balls) to release adhered fascia, break up scar tissue, increase circulation and mobility and down-regulate the nervous system to move into a parasympathetic healing state. Great for before or after ANY from of exercise! (Very relaxing and down regulating for the nervous system!) Classes are for ages 17+ only.

Gentle Yoga (1 hour, 15 min)

Yoga for Everybody. This class is structured for those who have never taken yoga but would like to increase their strength, flexibility and mobility. Participants will become more connected with their bodies and increase their stability.  This class is geared toward Seniors and those who have been away from yoga are especially welcome.


Combine ballet, yoga and pilates for a high-intensity, low-impact workout.

Cardio Barre (50 mins)

Cardio barre builds upon the foundation of Barre-Core and takes cross training to a new level as HIIT style cardio elements are incorporated to build stamina and burn major calories. Musically driven and fast paced, Cardio Barre is the ultimate way to start your day. Classes are for ages 16+ only.

Barre-Core (50 mins)

Barre-Core is a low-impact, musically driven, full body sculpting class with an emphasis on core strength. Not just a class for dancers, but for anyone wanting to challenge the limits of their strength and find a zen-like mind body connection as you create long, lean muscles in an encouraging environment. Classes are for ages 16+ only.

Stik Class (1 hour)

Stik class is a combination of the Pilates Reformer and a traditional barre class using a stick attached to the barre with a bungee. The body sculpting system challenges your workout to greater levels of control and strength because of the extra resistance, and the added cardio creates a total body workout. Not recommended for pre- and postnatal clients. Classes are for ages 16+ only.


Use your own body weight to build strength, balance and coordination.

TRX Fusion (50 Mins)

TRX Fusion is a class that incorporates numerous TRX suspension exercises along with body weight, free weights, and cardio. This class provides the ultimate workout by developing strength and endurance as well as improving balance, flexibility, and core strength. Classes are for ages 16+ only.

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